Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear Rules Girl - I think he's facebook flirting...

Dear Rules Girl,

I recently started dating someone and things have been going well. However, I caught a case of the Facebook stalks (against THE RULES...I know) and noticed a girl leaving a ton of comments on his page. I get a strange feeling about the whole situation and am considering letting him go. Am I reading too much into the facebook flirting?
Shouldn't have stalked, but we all do... so what now?

Dear Shouldn't have stalked,

The tricky part about our blessed digital world, is that without tone and inflection, words are open for multiple interpretations. It's hard enough to understand people face to face, let alone in the digital realm. Not only that, but the fact that it's another girl posting like whoa can make any girl a little jealous and make things a little bigger than they really are are. We also don't know his relationship with this post-chick... bestie from the past? cousin?... you never know.
Stalking can be used for our advantage or disadvantage. It's not entirely ruled out. But it's when you start to feel as you do, that you should take a step back. Read this post for more on the subject: You're a Stalker, eh so am I

I can't tell you that I know what you should do, but I can tell you what a Rules Girl wouldn't do... Rules Girls don't base decisions on insecurities or digital communication. Take a look at your relationship as it is and base your decisions on that.

Live the relationship as if facebook didn't exist.
buen suerte amiga
Rules Girl

*If you decide the posts ARE outright flirty and you want to confront him about the situation, handle with care. Don't go into it coming off as the insecure and jealous girlfriend. This is subject for a future post. Stay tuned.



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These last few posts are FAB. :)

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