Monday, April 6, 2009

Rule #890: Feeling a bit funk? - Bust Da Funk

It's time to "Bust Da Funk".
It sounds like a dance move, and it could be...
but I'm talking about something a little different.

my funk never feels that pretty or girly... it feels more like this...

uhhhh, right? ok maybe not.
It's time to "Bust Da Funk" if you've come to the point that for whatever reason, you're in the anti-dating, anti-man, anti-try-anymore FUNK. We get to this point for multiple reasons...

A. We went on a few dates, but nothing proceeded past that.
B. We finally found someone to crush on, and the feeling isn't reciprocated.
C. We just got out of a relationship.
D. We found out he's a "playa" of sorts. ew. lame. blah.
E. We're sick of being "Just a Friend".
F. Where the H are all the crushes to be had? Dry well.

Welp. So how do you GET OUT of it?
Well....It's all a mind game...
with yourself.
You have to use your Rules Girls mindset of hobbies, friends, to bust this one. Da Funk is Da Worst, and it's hard to blow off, but it's possible. You can do it. Just know, we all know what it feels like... BUT Rules Girls don't let the funk last too long...
we Bust Da Funk.

Rules Girls


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