Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rule #3,091 Be Inspiring

As Rules Girls we have the tendency to inspire others.

We're consistent.
We're disciplined.
We write well
Read lots
Love chocolate
Run fast
Have hobbies
and oh yea...
we're pretty.

Who wouldn't be inspired?

Welp. I seem to have inspired another blog. We have one who calls himself
the Rules Boy
and would like a little banter.

Oh my little Rules Boy
Banter I can do.
Unfortunately, I agree with you so far.
Porpoises like pleasure, swim shallow, and prefer the harem to 'life'.
Hence the reason Rules Girls date men and not porpoises.
Oh, but Rules Boy, Don't forget - even porpoises are the hunters.

Be inspiring.

Rules Girl

*Gotta love a BOY with an undefined porpoise.


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