Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rules Girls see there is No harm in Flirting a 'lil

Getcha Getcha Getcha Getcha Getchya flirt on.
Don't take a flirt so seriously.
Take it for what it is -which is:
Seeing if it's any fun to be around the person.
There's no shame in a little flirt here or there.
Nobody's in love with anyone.
We're just flirting a little.

(lame pick up lines are my favorite)

The HOW TO of the Rules Girl fLIrT
1. Be approachable. Smile - a big teethy one. Don't enclose your circle of friends, or get too comfy with people you know. (utilize the open body language)
2. Eye Contact: googly eye a little
3. Ask them questions about themselves - give them some attention, make a joke if you're good at that sorta thing. Oh, and don't forget to share a little about you too...
4. Remember: It's not about what you say, but how you say it. Don't be negative, or try too hard to be flashy by saying something you know will make them uncomfortable (that's the opposite of the point).
5. Give a genuine compliment if you're really thinking it.
6. Give a slight touch of the arm as you say goodbye.

Then leave them wanting more and walk away.

Getcha flirt on.
Rules Girl

you may think your flirt is more like this... that's fine too :) Just take it up the smallest of notches, so they can get the hint.

*Disclaimer: if you aren't interested in the slightest, I wouldn't suggest flirting too hard core. (common sense/courtesy)


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