Tuesday, April 21, 2009

HOW TO: Do the first date thing

In follow-up to my last post about having a chill attitude about the first date... I had to post more on the HOW-TO's of a first date. The main reason being AOL helped me stumble across a partially ridiculous and pretty much true article about it. So here we go.

Points to keep in mind about the first date, for both Rules Girls... and boys:

First of all... guys. It's time to start asking. You can do it. It is NOT serious. No more excuses.
1. Every detail of the date does not need to be planned. Have an overall idea of what you're doing and go from there.
2. The first date is all about the 'get to know you' game. So do something where you can have a relaxed and comfortable conversation with a good "activity" involved.
(good activities involve: walks and ice cream, dessert at a coffee shop, dinner in a quaint place, pizza and the batting cages etc etc etc)
3. Don't get too genre specific on your date. Maybe a poetry reading, comic book extravaganza, or star trek book signing aren't the best idea unless you already know they love it... be general in your activity planning)
4. Go short, or go home. KEEP IT SHORT. Rules Girl, if you have to cut it off first, do so. Leave them wanting more or just leave because he's a bore haha. ok cheesy.
5. Less expensive is best. It takes off the pressure for both parties. If he spends too much, you might feel bad he invested in something that might not happen... and vice versa.

Rules Girl


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