Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Back Burner

You're on the back burner ...

The Back Burner? Yep, you're pretty much being saved for later, or just kinda sitting there being stirred every so often to keep things brewin' a little. However, the bad thing is that you could easily get burned from the lack of attention. Then again sometimes it's good to sit and stew, especially when the timing is all wrong... hmm I guess it depends on the meal...

Let's think this through...

The pro's and con's of back burners:
The heat is turned on, but only a little bit... I mean who really uses the back burner unless the other burners are out of commission?
you could slowly burn.
If he hasn't asked you out yet, then you're probably don't savor his taste buds enough to turn up the heat. However sometimes there is distance or other situations involved.
Yikes+Ouch+Confusing = None of those sound good
I'm starting to weigh toward the
negative on back-burners.

There are multiple types of back-burners:
Back-burner Type #1: He makes his presence known and he's stuck in your head just in case he's ready to make it happen. Unfortunately he isn't all the way there, present, involved... (this is the negative kind... Rules Girls would ditch this one and move onto a different idea as to not waste time and emotion)
Back burner Type #2: He calls or texts every so often, you hang out every once in a while... maybe even a date with no follow-up, but he's just dippin' in and jumping out. (bail time?)
Back-burner Type #3: Distance. You're far away but keep up the communication with either a glimmer of hope, out of boredom, loneliness or just because you feel like it. (This seems to me like a void filler, maybe not the most healthy idea...)

Alright. So it's decided... Rules Girls aren't back-burner flava women... we're definitely the "tastes delish, so you better eat it or go home" type.

You're a front burner girl.
So be it.

Rules Girl

The Killers know a little about the back burner - let's consult...

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