Sunday, March 1, 2009


Conversation between Rules Girls:

Rules Girl 1: That was fun (after an outing with friends and men), but not quite as "fulfilling" as we were hoping...

Rules Girl 2: Yea, I'm feeling the same way.

Rules Girl 1: Mehr.

Rules Girl 2: Yea, Welp. So what's next?

Then we planned...

Once you feel the funk coming on... even in the slightest... change your mind!! Start planning and get going on a new topic, the next step in your life, or your other passions to focus on or look forward to. It's the only way to A. stay sane and B.... stay sane.

So moral of the story... if you felt un-fulfilled after an outing, date, unsuccessful man-looking for, etc... then start planning. Start planning your next adventure, event, your passions, and get going on the next big thing.

Don't get caught in the un-fulfilled rut...Change your mind.

Rules Girl


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