Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Take it for WHAT IT IS

Rules Girls do NOT over analyze a date, a guy, a situation... or life. Some of us may be analysts, and even thrive on the drama... but we don't *over-analyze.
This is not the workforce, nor is he data... this is dating and he is a man.
uck. torture.

hmmm actually maybe this is useful....

There are of course things to think about, cues to recognize, gender differences to take note of and sometimes some games to play... but does it help you to *over-analyze??
So knock it off because you're way too busy being fun, normal and beautiful.

PLUS then it just ends up being a random bonus if they DO heart us.
We end up pleasantly surprised.
(that's the only way these things happen anyway)

Go Be pleasantly surprised.

Rules Girl
*definition of over-analyzing: to dissect every word or action the poor guy does to try and make yourself seem loved by him.


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