Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stick It.

Yea that's a cheesy gymnastics movie we all love...
but the phrase explains my point in two short words.

ok don't stick like THAT.
After you're IN the relationship
there are Rules to be had as well. You don't want to catch and release... you want to STICK IT and after all "Once a Rules Girl... ALWAYS a Rules Girl".
Once you're in a relationship that does not mean you let yourself go. You continue to live your life... AND by the rules. It's often a girls downfall to let go of the Rules too soon in a relationship or... at all. It is after all a mindset.

I've seen and heard it too many times.
"I'm Smothered" he says.... Guys wish that their girlfriends would continue to live by the rules, and that they honestly believe that the relationship would last longer if the girl didn't become more and more "un-ruly". They wish the girl would live her own life and date him at the same time.

She's a sticker.
So these ones are for YOU to remember Relationship-ers...

- Keep him wanting more by not Lingering Too Longering (of course hang out, date, do your thang... but always leave him wanting more.
- Let him do the work. Make suggestions for what you want to do, but don't plan and rule everything.
- Don't try to change him. He is what he is... if you don't like it, let someone else enjoy the guy for who he is... oh yea, and don't make him boring.
- Don't be needy...ew.
- Oh yes, and especially... BE CONFIDENT. There will always be moments of vulnerability in relationships, but continue to be your confident you. You DO NOT need a man to make you feel beautiful and great. Exude that confidence, everyday. He'll love you for it. (and so will others)

Stick It.
Rules Girl


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