Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rules Girls are never too cool for school..

I've come across some Rules Girls who are not only territorial, but act strange or stand-offish toward their girlfriends while with the male of their choice.

Rules Girls don't shun their girlfriends by acting a little strange around the male folk. You are NOT too cool for school (because nobody likes people like that anyway) and you are not too consumed trying to trance him with your beauty to pay attention to your
friends in fair doses.

see look, she's totes shafting her gf behind her because the guy in the next car over is a hottie.
ugh. rude.

Rules Girls don't act too-cool toward ANYONE
The less too-cool we act, the more friends we'll have, the more hobbies we'll try, and the more guys we'll date.

Rules Girl


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