Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rule #899 Be your best kind of Gorgeous

Rules Girls are stunning. We can't help ourselves.
RULE #899

Be your best kind of Gorgeous

I'm not talking 80's prom face on or anything...
I'm just saying Rules Girls don't forget the mascara or gloss. Make sure you look the beautiful that you really are. So you're a natural beauty, I get it... kinda? but still... you can emphasize your natural beauty with some blush or eyeliner. NO CAKING IT ON. That is not what I'm saying. We are women of balance and even coverage. We just wear what's necessary to make us look alive and stunning. My latest goal is to always have makeup on when I leave the house...this is elementary for many Rules Girls... but for this Hippy Rules Girl... I'm still working on it.

Rules Girls also have awesome bods.
Ok ok, so maybe we FEEL like we do, but we're no Jessica Alba or anything. We're NORMAL ... NORMAL = PRETTY without hiring the most expensive personal trainer or even having everything Sephora. We like to FEEL good. We don't like to feel icky and fat. We combat that with some time in the open air, on the elliptical, and with less chocolate. (chocolate is divine of course, but once again... women of balance)

We Don't eat crap all the time.

never trust a talking pop-tart
Anyone who eats crap ALL THE TIME is not a Rules Girl. We LOVE treats, but Rules Girls also like their bodies... End of Story.

Be your best kind of Gorgeous

Rules Girl


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