Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rule #2: Marriage thoughts are NULL on first dates

I'm being serious now.
This topic really gets me.
STOP analyzing whether or not you could marry the guy by first glance, or even the first date. For heavens sakes... Rules Girls take one step at a time! Maybe you should consider, would I ever DATE this guy... THEN take it from there. If you're really struggling with keeping your head on straight and have been tripping up because you get scared too soon, please utilize these steps below to make your relationships actually get somewhere...

1st Step: Recognizing you have a problem - A lot of girls don't realize that they do this. If you've been on a lot of first dates, but have been single for longer than 4 years, please take this into consideration. (that doesn't mean it's you, but it doesn't hurt to consider)

this song doesn't apply to you until later in the game
2nd Step: Could you go on a Date with him? aka. Are you attracted to him? Is he a good guy? If you just answered both of these questions then what the heck?! Go on a date.

3rd Step: After you've been out with them, could you go out with them again? Was he nice? Was he even slightly interesting? If you answered yes to these questions Go on date #2.

4th Step: After you've been on a couple dates with the guy and are feeling pretty good about the situation, DO NOT THINK " I couldn't marry him, he parts his hair to the side" because that's dumb. DO THINK: Could I kiss him? This is often a great indicator of whether or not your subconscious (psh get real... you're perfectly conscience of this) is interested in the guy.

5th Step: After you've kissed the darling chap and continue having hearts for him then duh... keep dating him unless there is a serious indidcator that you shouldn't or you're feeling some kind of anxiety... you don't have to instantly KNOW that you should marry the poor dear.

Guaranteed if you have marriage on the brain at first site, he's going to RUN or you're going to RUN.

Stop both from running and nullify the marriage thoughts.

Rules Girl
Disclaimer: I am not feelings telling you not the date the person, or saying that you should date someone with a record. OF COURSE Rules Girls only date GREAT guys... this is just me saying not to think about marriage too soon. Kapish?



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