Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rule #19 NEVER talk about "potentials" in front of "potentials"

Sometimes I just say stupid things... HOWEVER

You should NEVER talk about potential men... in front of potential men...

Obvs, right?

Dear Rules Girl,
I'm friends with a guy, and I accidentally talked a lot about another guy that I like.
What do I do?

It's hard to fix a situation like this. NEVER talk too much about what you've crazy fun you have with some other guy. It's smart to mention your busy or that you went on a date in the past, but please NEVER talk about potentials, in front of potentials. In order to fix it you're def going to have to throw the "friend" word out there about this other guy and then try not to talk about him... pretty much EVER.

I know you're friends with lots of guys... but keep it to yourself to a certain extent.

Rules Girl


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