Monday, March 23, 2009

Dear Male Readers, (An Interpersonal communication Hyper-overdrive faux-pas)

Dear Male Readers,

I'm infuriated.

You know when you call someone and they aren't really listening to you talk, they're just responding with "ok... hmmmm, yea ... uh huh..." in all the wrong ways and places so you end up getting super annoyed because you know they aren't ACTUALLY listening to what you're saying?

Well...There are these guys that seem to WANT a relationship and even LIKE the girl... but they can't make it work because they can't concentrate on what's in front of them for two seconds. They may not know it... but that's WHY they aren't in the relationship. I think of it as they have all these balls up in the air and they're trying to juggle them all so they can't concentrate on just one thing. They're too... hyper. For example, they're looking around the room at social functions to see who else is there while they're talking to you or they call you to chit-chat while they're with a billion other people. uh no. Just doesn't work.

This is a future hyper-overdrive guy with lots of air-balls - see what I mean. YIKES.

This interpersonal communciation faux-pas is such a shame.
Take the time to concentrate on what really matters.
Pay attention to the person you are speaking with.

Sometimes this happens when a person is just NOT INTERESTED... however, the situations I'm infuriated about... are the ones where the guy likes the girl but isn't getting through to her because he's too busy miscommunicating his feelings by being on hyper-overdrive.


Rules Girl

*this can of course be girls too... but this particular post... is to you dear dear guys

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