Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yield The Sprinters!

Proceed with caution.
This is a holla’ to the men and the women…

You know those guys that move a little fast? (ok, or girls...) You can tell they like you, but they’re moving a little fast for your taste? Well, slow it down. I mean, no brakes… just a little, yield. Move along with him, but at your comfort level (I’m not saying wait months to kiss the poor fellow, I’m saying don’t let the emotions, words and actions get out of control…) These guys can be trouble, because YOU aren’t even what ends the relationship... THEY ARE. These are the kind that sprint when they should be marathon-ing. They run too fast, and end up geting burnt out, just only to find that running isn’t even a contact sport! They ruined it for themselves.

Dating is not a sprint, it’s a rizuff marathon. It takes a little training and exercise, then… it’s a long freaking haul. You have to steady the pace and go with the flow. If you force it, you end up dying of either thirst, a cramp, or gasp for air.
Ok, ok you need an example. Did he want to spend every day with you early in the game? Did he try to kiss you on the first date? Meet your family uncomfortably too early...Get it?

So moral of the run… slow and easy wins the race. Don’t get physical, emotional, or just run crazy speedy Gonzales-y too fast.

Rules Girl



Anonymous never said...

Where were you, Rules Girl, when I need you 3 months ago? I mean, you can always speed up later if you start slow. But you can't slow down later--it just never works.

February 19, 2009 at 6:44:00 PM PST  

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