Monday, February 23, 2009

Who are the Rules Girls "Dateables"

What defines a Rules Girl Dateable anway?

Are we those crazy girls that have such high expectations that no man could ever amount, or ANYONE for that matter? Do we strive for perfection and quixotic romantic ideals of what a relationship and man should be?


Do you not know us already? psh.
Here is a simple list that fits every Rules Girls Dateable:

1. Fresh Breath
2. A good guy (but not safe) aka. Same moral standards
(because yes, we def have them) but not boring
3. Feelin' the chemistry (obvs)
4. Someone we can have a great conversation with and laugh really hard with
5. A guy who knows what they want (aka: us lol) and
who are not just sitting around waiting for life to fulfill itself.
6. Trustworthy
7. Not kissing other girls and us, while being unwilling to commit. (ew)

Is this too much to ask?
Some of you may say yes... that's because YOU'RE either
A. NOT a Rules Girl or B. Aren't a Dateable.

Sorry to be blunt... but those 7 things are NOT too much to ask for.

We do not specify hair or eye color, height, likes, dislikes, or make long lists or what we "want"... merely the 7 most important things above are those for the Rules Girl. If you have anymore to add to the list, please write in to or give us a comment!

Rules Girls



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