Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rule # 265 Always End Calls FIRST

By ending the call first... you leave him wanting more.

Girls... we LOVE to blab... HOWEVER, one of our biggest faults is talking to guys like they are our best girlfriend we've been dramatic with since age 8. Still be yourself of course, but maybe cut a little of the fluff.

Homeboy doesn't want to listen to his *gossipy mom or chatterbox younger sister, he wants to talk to the intellectual, fun and flirty you. He doesn't want to hear what you ate for lunch, the conversation you had with your co-worker about highlighters, or how your hands were cold at on the train. Have a point to the story, or don't... but keep it short. (I'm exaggerating to make a point of course, use whatever discretion in your story-telling that you think is Rules Girl applicable).

Remember to say goodbye in a very kind and genuine way. Because you sure are glad that you have on that calls!!! Oh yea, and you aren't being cruel by ending the conversation first... you're *doing everyone a favor.

Leave him wanting more.

The Rules Girl

*The Rules Time tested secrets for capturing the heart of Mr. Right. (yes, this book is actually good and extremely ridiculous.)


Blogger Quinn the Eskimo said...

As a guy, I can attest to how obnoxious it can be when a girl just talks to talk and brings up random irrelevant gossip that is not even remotely entertaining, but at the same time, you need to use discretion with this rule.
Don't be so anxious to be the first to end any chit-chat that you cut off a good conversation. I had one long distance relationship where most of our bonding occurred through 3 or 4 hour long telephone calls.
The trick is to notice if the guy is taking turns giving feedback and sharing experiences. If he's just saying "yeah, uh-huh, yep, sure." Then the conversation needs to end.
A lot of conversations have a natural ending point. If I arrive at that point and recognize it at the same time as the girl I'm with, it's really not going to matter to me who is the first to say "ok, it's been nice talking to you but I should probably get going."
I'm not saying I disagree with this post, I just wanted to clarify things a bit from a male perspective.

February 12, 2009 at 11:30:00 PM PST  

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