Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Once a Rules Girl, ALWAYS A Rules Girl

We're making a pact. Yes, me and you...

YOU ...........ME

you can be whichever one you want... I think i'm more of the one on the right...

Chant this with me three times while closing your eyes and nodding your head (while envisioning that you're in the tallest most wonderful girl tree house in the world), "Once a Rules Girl, ALWAYS A Rules Girl...Once a Rules Girl, ALWAYS A Rules Girl....Once a Rules Girl, ALWAYS A Rules Girl..."

Haven't you always wanted to have a group of girlfriends that hide out in the tree house and throw water balloons on the boy bullies down the street? Well here's your chance, you're a Rules Girl now.

You have a hottie bf? FAB! you're LOVIN' your hubby... FAB! Either/or/or none of the above... you're STILL either with us, or against us. No matter whether YOU are single or attached you could still be classified as either a Rules Girl... or the dreaded Non-Rules Girl.

Rules aren't about Rules, they're about the mindset and mindsets live forever. So do you have it?
Here's a little quiz to help you know if you have the mindset, and if you're with us... or against us.
1. Do you frequently feel bored and lonely?
2. You're ready to take life on, and live it...fabulously.
3. You put out on the first date.
4. You have plans, lots of interests, and friends.
5. Dating helps you get through the hard times.
6. You look forward to love, but understand that it comes... when it comes.
7. You don't like doing anything without your significant other.

If you answered more Yes' to the odd's... you're against us (uh oh). If you answered more Yes' to the evens... YOU ARE WITH US!!!

The Rules don't just end when you get attached. That's where a lot of dating downfalls originate. Girls didn't REALLY believe in the Rules for the mindset, they just though it'd help them get a man. It may have... but utilizing The Rules... helps you KEEP the man and have the healthy and heart happy relationships you desire.

GO RULES GIRLS GO RULES GIRLS GO! GO RULES GIRLS GO RULES GIRLS GO! GO RULES GIRLS GO RULES GIRLS GO! (idk if you were a cheerleader or not... but I wasn't but this is still fun to say)

Once a Rules Girl... Always a Rules Girl.

Rules Girl


Anonymous Kylie said...

OMG, Sooo glad that I can still be part of the club and attached at the same time. I'll truly try to take these things to heart. :)

February 12, 2009 at 1:31:00 PM PST  

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