Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Never bitter...

Lost Faith in Mans... kind?

I would too, if mine looked like that.

Yea... I feel the same way sometimes. It feels like there isn't anyone out there to date or that all guys are jerks or that everyone who asks you out, is either weird or you JUST DONT FEEL THE CHEMSITRY. blah.

Guys can be jerks, clueless, or just plain ridiculous... but we will never be bitter because they are people too. Crazy, I know. Don't be too hard on them...(but don't be dumb either)

idk exactly what's happening in this pic... but Rule #890 don't date him if he's wearing leopard print...

When you're feeling the bitter breeze blow your way...broaden your horizon. I know it sounds ridic... but it's true. Look out and see the 'other ones' out there. They're not too far. Whether you are or aren't feeling the chemistry with one... find one to talk to in order to restore your faith. I'm sure you can reach one of them by gchat or telephone at least. Talk to an old friend, a cousin a brother... anyone that will help you restore your faith. And ANYONE other than an old ex!

These are the times when we tend to turn to good memories of those passed (passed bf's not dead people silly). It's dangerous to think of them because you often dream them to be better than they were. So be very careful of this dream zone. Try to focus on the future and the fact that you saw and had it once, you'll see it again.

Please remember that Rules Girls are never bitter. We may get frustrated from time to time... but we are NOT bitter.


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