Friday, February 20, 2009

Man's Guide to Modern-Day Etiquette

"They say that manners are the glue that hold society -- not to mention many relationships -- together. Problem is, modern society has run amok with new ways to communicate and shifting roles for men and women. This leaves us many opportunities to mess up royally. So how to behave these days? Following are 20 potentially awkward social situations and how to deal. Now you have no excuse to be a cad."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post, Rules Girl. Some of the expressions listed are archaic, but the information overall was valuable. I must say though, I completely disagree with this rule..

7. Does it matter whether or not a man sits facing/away from the wall on a date in a restaurant?

"Think of the woman as the guest of honor," says Post, "and the guest of honor always gets the best seat, which is with her back to the wall, looking out over the room." When applicable, the man should also offer her the seat with less "aisle traffic" passing from behind. If it's a table positioned in the middle of the room, then let her choose where she wants to sit, says Kirsch.

While the aforementioned "pedestal" is a good place to sit atop, the man should always sit with his back to the wall, for a few different reasons...

1. If you're any kind of warrior or protector, you need to be able to see what's going on around you at all times. You need to be aware of valuable exits and people around you - You should always be scanning for potential danger. I'll be damned if my girl is going to get hurt in a Mc'Donalds lobby because I didn't see the masked men coming through the door behind me. (Yes, I will take you to McDonalds.....Lol) A few seconds may be all you need to provide adequate protection or make a decision, but being taken by surprise is never fun...

2. It keeps her attention on you! It gives her time to notice how charming, witty, and awesome you are... You don't need to place her on a pedestal in this regard to make her feel important. Chances are, you've already let her know she's important to you ;)

October 21, 2009 at 4:57:00 PM PDT  

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