Friday, February 27, 2009

You don't owe them ANYTHING back

Sometimes when we receive a gift from a guy...
We often feel pressure to like the guy, or give him multiple chances...

To a certain point we do... or maybe only a thank you.

I wonder what's in there to make her so happy?

A gift can only do so much. We love gifts, but we don't take gifts in place of a functioning relationship.

There are many situations to take into consideration concerning gifts...

Here are some examples:
- If they are creepy, then you say thank you a couple days later.
- If you have been dating a while you owe them a thank you and smooch (this whole concept gets more complicated in serious relationships)
- If it's a horrible gift you owe them... a thank you

ok so if the "gift" is the key to his heart... uh, that may be a diff story

Just remember that you don't have to be in a relationship with someone or even LIKE them if they give you a gift. THEY are giving you a gift to show you affection, not to ask for it. (ok, so maybe they are because a lot of guys are all about the *ROI, but still...) say Thank you, and remember that just because they gave you a gift does NOT mean you have to love them forever and always.

Rules Girl

*Return on Investment = what they get out of it


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