Thursday, February 26, 2009

Facilitation and Exposure

The How-to's on Facilitating and Exposure
The BEST thing you can do, is you can REACH OUT AND KISS 'EM!

just kidding baha

Honestly, there are really only 3 main things that you can do. If nothing stems from these tactics, you either have to be patient, or you move on realizing that they aren't taking the bait.

GO to things!!! We have the tendency to be tired or feeling like we just want to hang out with the "same old, same old" crowd, but DO NOT GIVE IN! Go to new things, support parties and events going on ... it will open more doors and give you exposure. Being exposed and ALWAYS MAKING NEW FRIENDS are key.

hint: Subjecting yourself to a big setting, will get you into the small settings, so don't shy away from the biggies... they are what get you into the intimate settings that bring the best moments of facilitation. Don't know how to act at these events? Shy? or anything else???? BE YOURSELF. You'll naturally draw people to you as you are confident in who you are and show interest in others. Promise.

#2. Throw a party and
invite him and his friends (if you know them). Mass e-mails to events... or when you see him tell him about a group outing or mention something you're doing that you know he's interested in. In this scenario, you're being proactive - without breaking rules! Remember not to invite them to everything you do, or too often. If they don't accept after a while, pull the plug...

Stop. Collaberate and listen.

Talk it out with the wingwomen in your life, your gf's your collaborators... bounce ideas off your sista friends. They'll help you know what to do. Make note:
disclaimer: could come off as slightly harsh, but please understand... If you know the guy really well and nothing is happening... he's probably not interested (note to guys... if you ARE interested - ask her out, you fool)

If you feel that you are doing these things and not dating etc, don't be weary... Just keep meeting new people, and don't define success as a date. We define success as healthy relationships and a confident outlook on life.

Rules Girl


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Brilliant post, rules girl! :)

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