Thursday, February 19, 2009

Emotional Throw up



I'm totes cringing as I look at this. I know it's a guy, but he REALLY shouldn't be emo-vomiting either.

If you feel it coming on, rising up your throat about to surge out... RUN RUN RUN, or you could just swallow it and teach yourself a lesson not to be so acidic anyway.

You especially don't want to emotionally vomit on your man too early in the game. As things get serious he's going to have to see ALL sides of you of course, but then again who likes to be the receptacle of emotional vomit... EVER? That's right, nobody does. It's just extremely messy, stinky and DOES NOT leave you wanting more. Rules Girls ALWAYS leave them wanting more. We never give them too much, especially not of our emo-vom (emotional vomit).

Girls aren't as emo as some say we are, but we do have the tendency to be more sensitive and emotional... DUH we have estrogen... HOWEVER - keep the emo vomit to a minimum, ok?

Swallow it by talking to a gal pal, mom, write in a journal, compose a song or go for a really long hard run. Get it out, but not vomiting on your poor lover. Of course he cares about you and wants to hear about how you feel...but whoa...

Happy and hard swallows!

Rules Girl

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