Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dreading Valentine's Day?

Dreading V-day?
Because Rules Girls don't dread such things...

However...Mr. He might be... but who knows because just like girls... all guys are different. Some guys hate it, some love it and others are indifferent. But who doesn't like getting a present and some smoochin' ANY day of the week? Us ladies sure don't mind it.

Valentines Day or any holiday with gift giving involved can cause some serious anxiety and strain on the relationship. The guys worry that if they do something great for their gal on Valentine's Day there will be "expectations" for the future. They're OBSESSED with the future expectations...OR they're scared that their gift will be too much or not enough. Girls are worried about how much they should give, spend, what they should expect and what the heck does the GIRL do?? psh. I don't know all the answers, but here's something I can say from... the unemotionally involved in your relationship outer perspective...

Valentines Day advice to relationship-ers:

RELAX about the gifts...remember WHY you're doing it. Be extra nice and understanding on Valentine's day and not the opposite... expectant.

Valentine's Day advice for...all the single ladies:

Enjoy another day to show people you care about them, to embrace your singlehood, watch some girly movies and to go see Shopoholic!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Rules Girl


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