Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't show more affection than you feel

I've done this.
What happened was this...

I was just being a normal girl... I was feeling like I liked the guy, but I didn't know how much or how long it would last or blah blah blah and my noggin' went crazy with the analytics. HOWEVER - I didn't want to lose the chance of giving the relationship a shot, so I overcompensated and showed a little more than I felt.

Yikes. Ya know those people who talk before they think? Yea, same thing except for it's a little different type of speaking. Afterward, you wish you could stick your foot in your mouth.


This is a Rules Girls no-go. First of all we never put our feet in our mouth.
Secondly and more importantly, by showing more affection... it could be too much for the poor fellow. You don't want to drive the guy away thinking that you have "stronger feelings for him, than he does for you" EEEEEEEEK! That's the worst thing in the world...ESPECIALLY IF IT ISN'T TRUE!

RULES GIRLS do NOT show more affection than they feel. If anything HOLD BACK A LITTLE!!! We keep ourselves in check trying to portray a balance between our brain and heart (minus the wig outs and crazy girl emotions that go on every so often). We are honest with ourselves and even with our special guy if the words need to be spoken.

In Pride and Prejudice (we're girls, we can use Jane Austen references, right?) Charlotte tells Lizzy that Jane should show more affection than she feels to Mr. Bingley. It turned out that Darcy ended up convincing Mr. Bingley that she wasn't into him... THIS is when you have to take into accord the balance of it all. DEFINITLY show affection and the "like" you feel or whatevs... just don't show, speak, or portray more than you actually do. Make sense?

I'm sure many don't fall into this trap. Congrats and high-fives to you... but for the rest of us it's a hard balance to hold onto.

To sum it all up: Think, Feel and Balance before you Speak, Portray, or Drive him away

Rules Girl


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