Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear Rules Girl - Sick of Games!

no games?!?!? but twister is FUN!
jk. Well i'm not, but I am. Moving on.

Dear Rules Girl,

So, I was at a party and I found myself in an engaging conversation with a very nice woman. As the conversation was coming to a close and I was about to leave I said that I would like to take her out and asked for her number. It seemed as though she was happy to give me the number and pleased with my confident way to go straight to the issue. Anyway . . . I called a few days later; knowing that she would be busy on the Sunday and Monday following the party. I left a message asking her to call me back, knowing that Tuesday or Wednesday is the absolutely last day you can ask a woman out for the weekend. She didn't call back.

Is there a right time to call her again, or did she just give me her number to be nice, or something else.

Sick of the Games.

Dear Sick of the Games,

Before I say anything, please don’t give up on us. With that said...

If a Rules Girl is interested in you, she’ll call you back. It may not be within 24 hours… or even 48, but it’s definitely within 72. As the dating enthusiast you seem to be, you won’t take this blow too hard though. Better to know now, than learn 3 dates later when you try to cuddle or kiss the girl and end up struggling through a serious blow to your masculine ego. Fortunately for you… there are so many options. The “game” can be hard, but from experience I hope it’s gone well for you in the past… if not, have you ever rushed a relationship, the physical… the emotional attachment… too much communication…and you ended up “just not feeling” it or hit a dead end? This is why the game works and that I encourage keeping and playing your part.

Cheer up Charlie, there could be a few reasons as to why she didn’t call you back. Work down the checklist below to find the reason your girl didn’t call. If the first three aren’t options, then the fourth is probably and unfortunately, the one. Use your sources to mark off options, and to answer your question as to why your call went unreturned (good luck).

Reasons Why A Rules Girl wouldn’t call back:

  1. You didn’t leave your phone number and it didn’t show up on her missed calls. So think back, did you leave your number?
  2. She may have been interested, but recently found someone else?
  3. Something serious happened.
  4. She’s just not interested.

I hope you ended up landing at #1 and you call her back for try #2. I encourage you in further endeavors… don’t give up.Thanks for your letter.


Rules Girl

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay as the girl in this situation: Even if we aren't interested though... is it only decent to call back anyway? or, by not calling back, do we just avoid the awkward conversation about not being interested? 'cause that sounds good to me, except I would feel kinda bad.

August 14, 2009 at 8:50:00 PM PDT  

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