Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Anti Oxidant Relationships

Rules Girls + toxic relationships = non existent.

Do you have a toxic relationship?

- Do you feel a little hurt when you leave or get off the phone with them?
- Have you communicated your frustration and they still feed into it?
- Have you separated yourself thinking it would help, and it didn't?

Why are you torturing yourself?
Get rid of the pain. Let yourself move on...It can be hard to find the anti-oxidant relationships, but you will in time. HOWEVER - most of the time we already have anti-oxidant relationships that we could be investing more into and we were too busy investing in the toxins.

Rules Girls take Dad's advice and ALWAYS kick the mean boys in the shins (whether it's mentally or literally). We live life to the fullest, meaning we live a life FULL of people who reciprocate our love for them. If they are rude to us in frustration of their insecurities... they are toxic. We aren't afraid to start new (ok, maybe a little... but we still do go forward full force in feeding the relationships that ARE NOT toxic)

find and intake the anti-oxidants.

Rules Girl



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