Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to Combat... THE VOID

Being the relationship-oriented females that we are... we have the tendency to hang on to old flings of the past. ESPECIALLY when we have (clear throat)... nobody new. Life is rough with no love interests and since Rules Girls don't just fall for ANY guy, it's hard to find another like the last. This is why I write about the dreaded Void.

The Void:
The sulky bored with our love lives state of being. We concentrate on old flings of the past while waiting for something new to spur up.

Don't Look:
It's hard because we know that even if we look for someone, we probably won't find them. Life just seems to hand us things when we aren't looking. So my suggestion is to keep your eyes open, but don't strain yourself by looking so hard because it won't come any faster.

Avoid and Demolish the Void:
I have a suggestion on HOW to combat the Void. Utilize the emotion of boredom, pain or anxiety you feel and push it into another outlet. Is there something you've been wanting to spend more time on? A talent or hobby you want to pursue? Think about it now, and make a decision. What will YOU think about instead of the Void? We'll call it your Void Combat Move. Here are some suggestions for your Void Combat Move:
- learn to play the guitar/start a band
- write in your journal, a novel or a poem
- sing so LOUD you can't hear yourself think
- learn the Presidents of the United States
- knit, scrapbook, stamp...
- make a movie

gotta love anime kung fu

choose your weapon...
Some of my best work has come while I'm emotional, frustrated, or feeling stagnate. Get Creative and I guarantee you'll have the same result. Every time you have the Void feeling... concentrate on your Void Combat Move and think Hiiiiiii-YA!

Hiiiiiiiiii YA!
Rules Girl


Blogger Jo said...

I bring a book everywhere, just in case I have to wait, b/c waiting is BORING and even FRUSTRATING. Same w/ waiting for Mr. Perfect--LIVE the book, right? Makes waiting not only bareable, but actually enjoyable.

January 28, 2009 at 1:23:00 PM PST  
Blogger Matt and Kendall said...

Wow I totally love Jo's comment.. and so true Rules Girl. Also, if your a relationship kind of girl (like me, where you just bounce from long term relationship to long term and don't really have "guy friends") try going on dates will a variety of guys. This will get your mind off of "the one" and you'll have fun, you'll get to know more people and you may even discover a thing or two about yourself.

January 28, 2009 at 9:26:00 PM PST  

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