Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rules Girl Success = Marriage?

Why do Rules Girls live a life of such strict obedience?

For the end goal…Marriage.

Uhhhh....... psh NO.

Let's have a looksy.

Rules Girl Success is NOT defined by the following:

- “Action”

- A long series of ups and downs leaving you wondering if you’re at a theme park, or the circus

- Scoring a boyfriend or husband. (cringe)

- A guy who supposedly loves you, but won’t do much about it. Patience is of course a virtue, but only for so long until it comes completely ridiculous.

- Confusion

Rules Girl Success IS defined by these examples:

- A not-too-long relationship resulting in a break up where both parties let each other move on

- Feeling beautiful and smart in their presence (99% of the time)


- Steady and committed understanding of where the relationship stands

Being a Rules Girl is all about living the best quality of life we can and dodging the too-long unhealthy relationships of convenience and one-sided love. Of course we want to find love, be loved, give love…but all of this should come with the balance of loving your life and feeling confident in your relationship and about yourself.




Rules Girl


Disclaimer: I’m not saying you won’t feel pain or loss or that it was a clean split. I’m just saying that while you HAD it… you HAD it. It wasn’t a lackadaisical emotional insane asylum 85% of the time.

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