Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RE-POST! Red-Light Green-light: Hand holding made easy

It's important for both guys and girls to understand these cues. They're pretty much unwritten, aren't they? (Please do us all a favor, and forward to those who need the lesson)

The colors on my stop-lights are off in this pic for some reason, so bear with me.

Red Light: Arms crossed or somehow extremely "unavailable" screaming "STOP! DO NOT HOLD MY HAND!". This could get confusing when you're transitioning from what I like to call friend to friendlier or you're just... friends (wait for future post on this topic) because it's also very comfortable. hmmmm, tricky.
Women: Utilize if you are not interested.

Yellow Light: This is the hardest 'light'. Just as if you're debating whether or not to hit the gas and drive through the red light, you also might feel like you should stop... just to be safe. It's a gamble. Yellow light gestures include a very light crossing of the hands in the lap, slightly interlaced fingers, or the famous "twiddle". The bod can't help itself when it's nervous or anxious, it has to move (*hence why people bite nails etc).
Men: This is a position that leaves the girl 'free' enough for her hand to be held, but not vulnerable. Many confident, but not aggressive girls (aka many Rules Girls, but not all) utilize this technique. It also means you aren't repulsive. (phew!)

Green Light: HELLO WORLD! I AM READY FOR A HAND HOLD! Green light consists of palms up or obviously placed on the legs ready and willing to be held.
Men: Hold her hand or take note that it's time for you to run the other way if you're otherwise interested.
Women: Don't be a diva and pull this move if you don't want the guy to hold your hand. It's common-girl-sense not to do such things.

Uh-oh. Sweaty hands? (I get them too) Here are the **two best techniques...
1. Put them in your pockets and wipe it off (gross, but whatevs... we do what we gotta do)
2. Place something cold on your wrists. If you have the tendency to be clammy, get a diet coke and place your wrists on the cold drink while watching the movie(because DUH you're probs totes watching a movie on hand-hold night, he set it up like that on purpose... if he's smart).

Best of luck & Report back.
Rules Girl

*source: Reading People by Jo-Ellan Dimitrius
**source: Tonya Reiman


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