Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Mindset - Think about the concept behind the "rules"

I just realized my logo is dumb. Lifestyle and mindset are pretty much the same definition on dictionary.com. Dang it, I thought I was so creative. I'll change it soon.

Ohwell - the point was this: It's not the Rules themselves, it's what they MEAN. I'm trying to do is open your eyes and remind you to THINK and realize that you don't want to force yourself into anyone's life.

For example: My last post with the texting role play. You don't have to follow EXACTLY what it said... "uh oh, i waited 2 minutes instead of 7 to text him back". NO NO NO. THINK about the concept behind the rule. Why wait? Because I'm not so desperado and so into a guy I don't even know yet, that I text him back as soon as I get the text. Besides, I have stuff to do. It's not even neccessarily what you're portraying to him, but changing your OWN mindset, for YOU.

Get it now? I sure hope so because I bolded a lot.
If not... man, I need to figure out where the miscommunication lies.

Rules Girl


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