Tuesday, January 20, 2009

He said I could

This is a dangerous rationalization.

not this one silly, the one below it.

You told your boy about the rules. (I forgot to tell you... you probs shouldn't do that.) Then you told him "I'm just going to text you whenever I want" and he said "good, I like that".

Fine whatevs, he can say he's ok with that... but what about when he starts feelings smothered? He won't realize this is where the problem lies... he may not know where to draw the line of letting you text him, call him, gchat him... but neither will you. By that point, it doesn't matter. He's annoyed, he needs a 'break', some space, some time.

I'm not saying this ALWAYS happens, but I won't say it never has either... I'm saying THINK about the concept of the rule, why follow it?


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