Thursday, January 29, 2009

Generational Dating Differences

I know it's frustrating when Aunt Vicky or Grandma Sue says the dreaded words, you should date more.

Mehrrrrrrrrrrr...Thanks Grandma, hadn't noticed but thanks for the reminder.

Don't cry Rules Girl... because we're ok. We're OK with not dating all the time. We want to live our lives the best we can by having lots of friends and fulfilling relationships of all sorts. If it's not in the stars for love to be ours right away, then that's the way it's going to be whether we mourn it's non-existence... or not.

Your auntie, grandma, sister, mom or friends are or were in a completely different situation than you - they may not realize that outside high school and college, the options become fewer and farther between or they forget that dating for each age range varies.

For example:
Age 6 dating: Chase each other around the playground, maybe pull some hair
Age 11 dating: Couple skating at the roller-rink

ok, so it was a little different than this
Age 13 dating: Dancing with your hands around their neck instead of hand in hand.
Age 16 dating: toilet papering and putting confetti in their room, along with a note that says "let's go to prom... tom" and creatively organized group dates
Age 18 dating: More organized group dates

Age 21+ dating: One on One (guy asks girl - always)

Maybe the person giving you grief dated and got married in the Age 18 date range, or didn't want to progress to Age 21+ and stayed in the organized group date range.
Rules Girls grow up and date like grown ups. Creative Dates are fun... but make sure it's organized differently than it would've been in the Age 18 date range, and ESPECIALLY not the Age 16 date range.

Happy Dating! OR Happy NOT-Dating :)
Whatever happens...happens. Embrace it.

Rules Girl



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