Friday, January 30, 2009

Body Language - Be interested, but not OVER interested

We're going to have a little Body-language lesson on how you can show interest without looking ridiculously in love with the guy.

Here are the three main things to think about:

Feet, Eyes, and Arms.

Whatever direction your feet are pointing (whether standing or sitting) will show where your focus lies. For example, if your feet and body are facing the door... that subconsciously screams to the other person that you want to leave (this can be used to your advantage if you DO want to leave). If you face the person with body, legs, and feet it shows you are interested and focused on the conversation. DO NOT stand too close to them. It makes you look like you're totes way into it.

The number one turn off is when you're eyes are wandering the room trying to find 'the next best thing'. Stay focused. Pay attention when they're talking, but of course look away every so often so it doesn't creep them out. (where to look? Even if you look at their hand as they talk, or their shoulder, any slight eye movement away and back again)

This is hard. Try not to cross your arms if you can help it. Stay open. Put your hands in your pocket or put something in your hand to hold or something.

DO NOT OVER-TOUCH the guy. Touch his arm or whatevs, but don't be too laughy-touchy cuz that just looks ditzy if you do it too much. Touch is meant to draw attention to you, and make them focus since they're drawn by 'they physical', but if it's overused.. it's the image you DON'T want.

All of these are overall good body language tactics. If you're worried the person doesn't know you have a little interest, pick it up a notch... but never too much!!!

Don't forget! Feet, Eyes, and Arms!!!
ps. Guys... this can work for you too

Rules Girl

sources: Reading People and Tonya Reiman's Body Language


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