Wednesday, January 14, 2009

At their disposal

When you think about that phrase, as it really is... it sounds horrible.

Well it IS horrible to be AT THEIR DISPOSAL. We aren't doing this for the pride factor, we're doing this because we want a guy that wants us, not because it's convenient and he's bored.

Disposal: Something to get ride of... mainly: TRASH

Rules Girls are not On-Demand. If a special and really hot someone texts us and invites us to come over and watch a movie... we don't speed over at the drop of a hat as if we didn't have something else to do that night. We... reschedule. Let's Role Play

Hottie(8:01pm): Hey what's up? (he initiated contact! nice!)
me (8:17pm): Not too much, you?
(he's being vague, careful with your answer)
Hottie(8:29pm): Wanna come over and watch a movie?
(sure hope this isn't a booty call... I know you want to go...)
me (8:34pm): oh, I acutally told Anna I'd hang with her. but I totes want to see that movie maybe thursday or something?
(throw him a bone for a couple days later, he's not used to Rules Girls. If you don't have something to do, use your lag time to find something to do. It can be ANYTHING you want to actually be doing.)
Hottie (8:36pm): ya sounds good
(we don't know if he'll contact us again, but if he REALLY wants to hang out... you did your part in reciprocating and giving him the option of setting it up again)

Please note the "let him sweat time" you had in between texts. You didn't respond RIGHT away, but you responded in a timely manner.

I'm fully aware that this sounds NUTS. He could also end up sending you the same text thursday instead of getting the point and letting you know earlier. However, you did already kinda set it up...

Remember: you didn't reject him, you rescheduled. Hopefully he likes you enough to hold you to it.

Rules Girl


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