Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shout out to Anonymous!

I just wanted to give a shout out to Anonymous for her amazing comment. So that all of you can see, I made it into a post itself:

Comment In response to blog:  Desperado. PLEASE come to your senses.

"So true!! Wish I'd had a friend tell me this about 6 years ago when I was wasting YEARS with a guy who was a chauvinistic jerk; emotionally abusive, jealous, manipulative, the whole bit.
Why did I do it? I HAVE NO IDEA! But you mentioned having a relationship just to HAVE a relationship... and that sadly seems to be hitting the nail on the head. It smarts, but I now think that may have been it. Hindsight, oi.
I hope that a lot of girls read your post and save themselves the frustration, wasted time, and yes, the wrinkles. :)
My dating story ended VERY happily with a wonderful man, but I don't think that is usually the case, and my heart aches for those less lucky."

Thanks Anonymous - us RG's appreciate your support and comments.
Don't be desperado. Don't just want a relationship just to have one. Get your mind off the man, and start improving yourself and loving your life. 
It'll be amazing how he just appears after you do.


Rules Girl

Thursday, September 22, 2011

2 Things

My friend posted this and I couldn't stop laughing. -->
For those of you who have read or seen Twilight, and are a fan like me (I'm not afraid to proclaim it, but don't have the "I drive like a Cullen" bumper sticker, just the "team ____" water bottle. shhhh) Anyhoodles. Maybe we SHOULD keep this in mind. Where is the line between creeper and we love it? Here are a few common sense ideas:
A. Don't find love on Craigslist. (craigslist killer is enough for me).
B. If he tells you he's been watching you through a window consistently without your knowledge. Bag it. Not in the good bag, the bad non-recyclable bag.
C. If multiple people have told you he's creepy... hmmmmm

Just wanted to remind some of you it's ok to hurt sometimes. Just keep yourself in check. Let yourself listen to a sad song or two, cry, and then get back on your feet. This is a good song for that sort of thing.

Rules Gril

Thursday, September 15, 2011

LETTER time! ..... What is it with men?

Rules Girl,
What is the deal with men? I'm following the rules... Rules for online dating... and hopefully will get the opportunity to follow the rest of the rules once I meet a guy. I have a short and breezy online Match profile, one flattering picture and I am getting some replies. They ask for my number and I comply, they call and ask me out during a short pleasant conversation, we agree on a date in the future (without too much difficulty) and then nothing.... He doesn't call, text, email or anything... ARGH! Of course I am not contacting them to verify or finalize the details. If they want to go out they will make the plan right? They will follow up right? What is going on here? This is the 3rd time with three different guys!
-With big hugs,
Dear Izzy,

Thank you so much for your letter and Girl, we understand your pain! But keep hangin' in there! This is a reminder for all of us to JUST KEEP HANGIN' IN THERE! Don't give up. Because don't forget: You don't want to date a guy who doesn't want you! AND you don't want a guy that won't be good to you or for you in the future. Keep your head on straight. Also, you have to understand men, and keep this in mind while going through this whole dating game process: Men will forever be the hunters. They want to find you, seek you out, etc etc. So just keep hangin' in there because you want to find a REAL man that actually WANTS to be with you, not just finding a guy just to have one. Instead of trying so hard, maybe just take it easy and be yourself? Maybe instead of seeking online find a different route to find new friends and future lovers. Are you a part of any groups? Like to paint, play sports, etc? Try and join something where you can find and meet new people and keep on playin by the rules. 

Rules Girl

Monday, September 12, 2011

Should I text him?

This is amazing! It's a flow chart to help you decide whether you should text him or not.
Just thought I'd share it and give Becca credit. You can read/follow her blog here:
Fab idea.
Remember: Let him initiate. 
YOU, reciprocate. 
Gotta play the game, whether you like it or not. 


Breaking up via text.


I hope you can read this. 

Monday, August 29, 2011


Rule: No Cats allowed.
I'm over it. I've had enough of the petty and catty, even of myself. Today is a new day and turning over a really pretty new leaf. Rules Girls are lovers in all sense of the word. So instead of making other people feel stupid or un-loved. WE LOVE. HARD. This includes people we love, like, loake, and even don't love, like, or loake.

The smirks to your friends, eye-rolls, and petty/catty comments are seen and heard. Not just by you and your negative friend, but by all of us and when you hurt people, guess what it isn't cool. This isn't 7th grade anymore. Cool kids went out the window the second we graduated 3rd grade. So here's to a new leaf, both you AND me! No more cats.
Well, this one's really really cute.

BUT Your cattiness... NOT so much.

No Cats allowed. Lovers only.
Rules Girl

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rule #00.002365

Rule #:00.002365
yep, it's a really important rule so it's not even 1, it's less than one, making it uber important. What is it? edge of your seat?
ok drum rollllllllllllllllllll
Rule # 00.002365 is...

ok, don't get too carried away. Be balanced...but c'mon, you gotta eat!
Yep, one of the most important rules in Rules Girl World is eating. We don't do eating disorders around here. Why? Well, A. duh. B. The whole point of being a Rules Girl is that we like ourselves and want to be the best version of whoever that may be. C. Boys like girls with a lil' meat on 'em.

So moral of the story, and post of course...

Eat, it makes you happy, your skin glow, and boys like you more.

Rules Girl